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Find freedom from the past

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is one of the most effective and well researched types of counseling. Sometimes we get "stuck" in our past, and EMDR uses the brain's natural processing abilities to get us unstuck. We can take a memory from reliving the experience to remembering it.

Watch the video below for more explanation.

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Is the event recent or ongoing?

Crisis Response

While some counselors are hesitant to work with people who experienced a traumatic event within the last 6 months, I have specialized training to work with adults, teens, and children who have recently experienced a traumatic event, or are currently, undergoing a crisis.

What I use is called the EMDR-PRECI and EMDR-ASSYST Protocols. These can

  • Reduce unwanted or intrusive thoughts about the experience

  • Reduce anxiety stemming from the experience

  • Eliminate nightmares connected to the event

  • Alleviate sensory memories such as a noise, picture, or sensation that feels like it repeats in your mind

  • Reduce the likelihood of burnout for first responders

What type of experiences can this help with?

  • Frontline pandemic workers such as medical staff at hospitals 

  • First responders who find that a certain call or type of call feels "stuck"

  • Those who have traumatically lost a loved one and are ruminating on aspects of the death

  • Children who have struggled to adjust to their own recent world shifts like divorce, or school shooting drills. (Parents, please note that children perceive the world differently than adults do, so something you may not consider as a trauma may have been traumatic to them)

  • Recent accident victims, whether this is work related, vehicle related, or something else in which loss or fear of loss was significant.

  • Sexual assault survivors

  • Survivors of a shooting

  • Survivors of an assault 

  • Natural disaster survivors

  • Or anything else recent that was overwhelming and making you or your child feel "stuck". If you're unsure whether or not your experience "counts" as trauma, reach out to me for a free 20 minute phone consultation and I can clear that up for you, without judging what you survived.

Let's find a way to breathe again. 

Typically these sessions last 1.5 hours and cost $225 per session. Many people complete the process in 6 sessions or less. If that cost is inaccessible to you, please contact me and we may be able to arrange something that does work for you.  

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I also offer EMDR Intensives:

Instead of weekly 50 minute sessions, in an intensive we meet for one or more full days of EMDR work. What otherwise would take months of therapy, we can work through in a weekend. If you're interested, I am happy to discuss this more with you in our consultation.

Cost is $1000 per day.

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